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UNT, Google, and Coursera are teaming up to launch Career Academy and bring you world-class professional certificates from industry leaders such as Google, Meta, and IBM.

The first 100 UNT students who sign up and commit to being actively engaged in one or more certificate programs will be able to earn the certificate(s) at no cost.

Contact dsi.enterprise@unt.edu today to reserve your free access to industry-leading credentials.

Students who participate will be asked to share feedback on the experience of earning the industry credential.

Additional Information

  • Open to all UNT students, including those in traditional, online, and Coursera based programs
  • Admitted students will have until Monday, October 31, 2022 for the completion of the professional certificate(s) of their choice
  • Students will be allowed to complete as many certificates as they wish during the pilot period; however, each program is rigorous and time-consuming, so students should plan ahead!
  • Professional Certificate programs are asynchronous and self-paced. Students can complete the coursework as quickly or slowly as they wish, as long as they complete the program(s) within the pilot timeframe

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