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[Last updated: Wed, July 8, 2020, 4:40pm CDT]

Coursera for UNT Quick-Start Guide

1. Follow this link to University of North Texas on Coursera , click “Join”.
screen shot of Coursera UNT welcome page
2. Click “Log in with University of North Texas
screen shot of log-in prompt
3. Log in using EUID and password.
screen shot of UNT System login window
4. If the user already has a Coursera account it will ask to link the two by signing in on this screen.
screen shot of Coursera log-in window
5. The user should then see this screen where they are able to search for courses in the search bar or explore topics with the “Explore” drop down.
screen shot of UNT Coursera home page after logging in

Need Help?
Contact the DSI Enterprise team at: coursera@unt.edu