UNT Online

Out-of-State Teaching Fee (OSTF)

Non-resident students living outside of Texas while taking UNT courses (typically online) are charged an Out-of-State Teaching Fee in lieu of tuition and instructional fees. This fee must cover the cost of instruction and is set by each academic department annually. The OSTF rates for Fall 2020-Summer 2021 appear below. These rates are per semester credit hour. 

College / School Department Name Subject Prefixes Undergraduate 1000 to 4000-Level  Master's 5000-Level Doctoral 6000-Level
COURSERA Online Only
      $330 N/A N/A
College of Business
  Accounting ACCT $450 $475 $567
Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Law BLAW, FINA, REAL, RMIN
Information Technology & Decision Sciences BCIS, DSCI, ITDS, MSCI
Management MGMT, BUSI
Marketing and Logistics LGAV, LSCM, MKTG, OPSM
College of Education
  Counseling and Higher Education COUN, EDHE $384 $450 $450
Teacher Education and Administration EDBE, EDCI, EDEC, EDEE, EDLE, EDLL, EDME, EDRE, EDSE, EDUC $450 $450 $450
Educational Psychology DFST, EDSP, EPSY, HDFS $384 $450 $450
Kinesiology Health Promotion and Recreation HLTH, KHPM, KINE, PHED, RESM $384 $450 $567
College of Engineering
  Engineering Technology CNET, ELET, ENGR, MEET, MFET, MSET, NUET $567 $567 $567
Material Science and Engineering MTSE
Electrical Engineering  EENG
Computer Science & Engineering CSCE
Mechanical and Energy Engineering MEEN
Biomedical Engineering BMEN
College of Health and Public Service   
  Behavior Analysis BEHV $384 $450 $567
Criminal Justice CJUS
Rehabilitation & Health Services AGER, HLSR, HLSV, PUBH, RHAB
Public Administration  PADM
Emergency Management & Disaster Science EADP, EMDS
Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology ASLP
Social Work  SOWK 
College of Information 
  Learning Technologies ATTD, LTEC $384 $450 $640
Library and Information Sciences INFO $384 $450 $567
Linguistics Program LING $384 $450 $567
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
  Anthropology ANTH $384 $567 $567
CLASS-International Studies INST N/A N/A N/A
CLASS-University Courses UCRS  N/A N/A N/A
Dance & Theatre DANC, THEA $384 $450 $567
Aerospace Studies AERO N/A N/A N/A
Military Science MILS N/A N/A N/A
Communication Studies COMM $384 $450 $567
Economics  AECO, ECON $384 $450 $567
English ENGL $384 $450 $567
Geography ARCH, GEOG, GEOL $384 $450 $567
History HIST $384 N/A N/A
Media Arts  MRTS $450 $567 $567
Philosophy and Religion PHIL $384 $450 $567
Political Science PSCI $384 $450 $567
Psychology PSYC $384 $450 $567
Sociology SOCI $384 $450 $567
Spanish SPAN, SPST $384 $450 $567
Technical Communication TECM $384 $567 $567
Women's and Gender Studies WGST $384 $450 $567
World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures ARBC, CHIN, FREN, GERM, ITAL, JAPN, LANG, LATI, RUSS, WLLC $384 $450 $567
College of Merchandising, Hospitality, and Tourism
  College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Management  CEXM, CMHT, DRTL, HFMD, MDSE, HMGT, RETL $450 $567 $567
College of Music 
  College of Music (all divisions) MUAC, MUAE, MUAG, MUAM, MUAS, MUCE, MUCM, MUCP, MUED, MUEN, MUET, MUGC, MUJS, MULB, MUMH, MUPH, MUSM, MUTH $384 $475 $567
College of Science
  College of Science COS N/A N/A N/A
College of Science - Teach  North Texas TNTX N/A N/A N/A
Biological Sciences BIOC, BIOL $384 $450 $567
Chemistry CHEM $384 $450 $567
Mathematics MATH $384 $450 $567
Physics PHYS $384 $450 $567
College of Visual Art and Design
  College of Visual Art & Design ART $384 $450 $567
Art Education/Art History AEAH
Design ADES
Studio Art ASTU
Mayborn School/Graduate Institute of Journalism
  Frank W. and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism and Frank W. Mayborn Graduate Institute of Journalism JOUR  $384 $450 $567
New College
  Dean's Office - New College at Frisco ACSO, BAAS, NCPS, SPDA $384 N/A N/A
Honors College
  Honors College HNRS N/A N/A N/A
Toulouse Graduate School
  Interdisciplinary INSD, ADTA N/A $450 $567