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Dedicated Advanced Analytics Faculty helps students soar.

Friday, June 9, 2023 - 09:00
Dedicated Advanced Analytics Faculty helps students soar.
Dr. Denise Philpot, shares real industry experience, a passion for teaching and a commitment to students.
Dr. Denise Philpot

Developing actionable solutions from data plays a vital role in modern business. Opportunities for well-trained data analysts and scientists are virtually limitless. The UNT Advanced Data Analytics (ADA) program answers that call with innovative curriculum keeping pace with current workforce demands, delivering high quality talent for this expanding job market.

In fact, our graduates go on to work in some of the most in-demand jobs. For example, data scientist employment is expected to grow 36% by 2031, making it one of the fastest growing occupations according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. UNT alumni hold a variety of positions including: data analysts, engineers, consultants and project managers at industry-leading FORTUNE 500 corporations such as Fidelity Investments, Verizon Communications, Hilltop Holdings Inc., AT&T Communications Inc., IBM, Samsung and others.

Guided by UNT’s overarching mission to empower students for success in a rapidly changing world, the ADA program takes this mission one step further with exceptionally engaged and informed faculty. UNT faculty members, like Dr. Denise Philpot, share real industry experience, a passion for teaching and a commitment to students that sets the university apart.

Dr. Philpot’s academic background, which includes a Ph.D. in Applied Technology and Performance Improvement, provides a wealth of expertise that informs her role as a valuable instructor and mentor. She is committed to the entire student experience to ensure students have the tools needed for academic success.

“Denise is a force when it comes to advocating for students. She believes passing on a lasting legacy goes beyond what happens in the classroom,” said Courtney Graham, UNT Program Director for Academic Success and Retention. Graham has worked closely with Dr. Philpot since 2020 to coordinate course scheduling and program execution.

Simply put, she takes a student-first approach, listening to each student’s needs and providing valuable guidance wherever they are in their learning journey.

“Dr. Philpot has been a great resource to all of us, and she cares about her students,” said Craig Howard, one of Dr. Philpot ’s Advanced Data Analytics students. “She's been incredibly responsive and gives honest, valuable feedback as we work through our capstone projects.”

Dr. Philpot sets a clear expectation from the very first day of class – students are responsible for their own learning. “From there, once we admit a student, we have an obligation to give them the resources to enable success,” Dr. Philpot said. Dr. Philpot’s workweek doesn’t stop at 5 p.m. on Friday. For example, when incoming graduate students struggle with structure in her Advanced Data Analytics Capstone Experience course, she offers additional workshops to establish and meet goals. Some adult learners have full-time jobs preventing them from meeting during standard office hours, so Dr. Philpot regularly makes herself available for evening and weekend calls to ensure her students have the answers they need to complete their assignments.

“Students come to us in all phases of their academic and career journey – freshly out of undergraduate programs or as working professionals – and we have to teach them how to prepare for this next phase in learning,” she said.

Dr. Philpot considers the most valuable aspects of the ADA program to be its flexibility and the unmatched, real-life experiences the faculty provides their students. Students may choose their path to success – which she emphasizes is different for every one of her students. Whether they choose a traditional in-class or hybrid experience, Dr. Philpot and the entire team are there to put the students first. Industry informed coursework is another hallmark of the program. An industry advisory board helps develop content to make certain students are learning applicable skills for the modern workforce. Adjunct professors have extensive background in the field to provide real-life perspectives, and formal partnerships with regional companies ensure that the program’s graduates are ready to meet their needs. Toyota, JP Morgan Chase, American Airlines, and Charles Schwab each help keep the curriculum evergreen and are vital partners in the program’s commitment to innovation. Their engagement is invaluable as employers know what to expect from a UNT graduate.

When asked about applying data analytics degrees in the real world, Dr. Philpot emphasizes, “I believe this degree is applicable to many different vocations. Whether working in product development, marketing and advertising, or simply reporting progress updates to a manager, you can use data to your advantage. By using and interpreting data to tell a story, you can help organizations solve real problems.”

Are you ready to take the next step toward your data analytics career goals? Visit our homepage to learn more about all this online graduate degree program has to offer.

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