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Academic Integrity

[Last updated: Wednesday, October 14, 2020, 4:30pm CDT]

Alternative Assessments in place of Traditional Exams

In place of high stakes or traditional Final exams, faculty may want to consider alternate forms of assessments to determine student proficiency.

5 Alternative Assessments:
  • 1. Case Studies

    A major advantage of using Case Studies is that they provide students with the opportunity to engage with real-world scenarios, analyze situations and data, and cope with messy or ill-structured problems. Resource: The Case Study Cookbook

  • 2. Performance Tests or Professional Presentations

    In a performance test, students are required to perform a complex skill or procedure or create a product to demonstrate that they can apply the knowledge and skills they have learned. This could take the form of personal expression via a variety of free non-text mediums: video, audio, multimedia or free text mediums: Prezi, Google Slides, Zoho Show, Microsoft Sway, Canva, Swipe or Slidebean or use them in combination.

  • 3. Student Portfolios

    A portfolio contains a purposefully selected subset of a student’s work. A Final Product portfolio would contain electronic samples that best exemplify the student’s growing ability to apply the relevant knowledge and skills taught in the course. Resource: What to Include in a Student Portfolio

  • 4. Infographics

    Infographs provide the student with the opportunity to visually summarize a topic with supporting evidence. Free sources include Piktochart and Infogram or PowerPoint.

  • 5. Take home, or in our current case, stay home exams

    Take home exams allow instructors to give students exam problems which will take longer than a class period to manage and/or require the students to use a variety of references. These exams can be notoriously tough, yet logistically easier to implement.

Academic Integrity
Recorded Presentation
  • Learn why academic integrity is important and what academic integrity means in the digital arena.
  • Learn about Respondus resources, LockDown Browser & Respondus Monitor.
  • Learn how to use alternative assessments in place of traditional exams.

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