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Advanced Management in Libraries & Information Agencies
Graduate Academic Certificate Online

Graduate academic certificate offered by the UNT College of Information


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The Graduate Academic Certificate in Advanced Management in Libraries and Information Agencies provides the student with a comprehensive working knowledge of the fundamental principles of library and information agency management, public awareness, planning, human resources, and financial operations.

Graduates will develop knowledge and skills to effectively lead their organizations; utilize the latest research and practices in the areas of management, partnerships, budgeting, and public presentations; and foster external relationships.

Graduates will learn to effectively organize their library or information agency’s internal resources for improved accessibility and productivity.

Benefits of this Program

  • Earn a Graduate Academic Certificate online (full-time or part-time)
  • Few existing programs are aimed at preparing practitioners to move into management positions.
  • Information agency managers earn higher salaries: between 10 and 30,000 dollars more than librarians who do not supervise.

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