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UNT Career Academy on Coursera

Enhance your resume and take the first step toward your new career

Get professional-level training, and earn a credential from a leading company

Prior experience optional

Earn a valuable credential

Learn at your own pace

The UNT Career Academy on Coursera offers UNT students, faculty and staff FREE access to world-class professional certificates from industry leaders such as Google, Meta, IBM, Salesforce and more.

To join the UNT Career Academy on Coursera and start non-credit courses today, Click the link below and follow the steps below:

  1. The link will send you to the UNT Single Sign On page where will use your UNT username and password.
  2. You will then be sent to the Coursera login page.
    • If you do not have an account, create one with your UNT email. If you already have a Coursera account that is not with your UNT email, you will want to link your accounts.
  3. Once logged in, click on Join Program to enroll in the UNT Career Academy.
  4. Select your Career Paths of interest and pursue the available credentials for that path.
Have questions?
Contact the DSI Enterprise team at: dsi.enterprise@unt.edu

Additional Information

  • Open to all UNT students, faculty, and staff including those in traditional, online, and Coursera based programs
  • Students will be allowed to complete as many certificates as they wish; however, each program is rigorous and time-consuming, so students should plan ahead!
  • Professional Certificate programs are asynchronous and self-paced. Students can complete the coursework as quickly or slowly as they wish.

Explore These Industry Leading Professional Programs, and More!

Coursera for UNT

Welcome to Coursera for UNT! Where anyone (students, faculty, staff) with a UNT email* can access UNT MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) for FREE! These courses are non-credit and can be a great supplement to a for-credit course or for professional/personal development.
*@my.untdallas.edu -UNT Dallas Students, @my.unthsc.edu - UNT HSC Students, @unt.edu -UNT Denton Faculty & Staff, @untsystem.edu -UNT System Staff, @unthsc.edu -UNT HSC Faculty & Staff, @untdallas.edu -UNT Dallas Faculty & Staff, @mylaw.untdallas.edu -UNT Dallas College of Law Students

Enroll in courses NOW! 3,800 Coursera courses are available for free.

Faculty – this provides immediate access to supplemental content as you search for high quality online resources for your UNT course. DSI CLEAR endorses material on the Coursera platform as it is provided by top universities around the globe and, more importantly, our team has identified that the Coursera Learning Management System is in an environment that is far more accessible to students with disabilities than many publisher environments. You can choose to include an individual lesson or larger portions of a course for inclusion in your course.

Students – Be looking for content recommended by your professors and explore other topics on your personal time!

New to Coursera?

Coursera is a leading online learning platform for higher education, where more than 49 million learners from around the world come to learn skills of the future. UNT is among the world’s top universities and industry educators to partner with Coursera to offer courses, Specializations, certificates, and degree programs.

Need Help?
Contact the DSI Enterprise team at: dsi.enterprise@unt.edu

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UNT offers the following MOOCs on the Coursera Platform

What is a MOOC?
A MOOC is a massive open online course - a non-credit online course in a given topic offered on an open-access platform that offers virtually unlimited participation.

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UNT/Coursera MOOC
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UNT/Coursera MOOC