How to Apply

Freshman Admissions

If you’re ready to learn more about how to get the best educational experience in Texas, you’re in the right place. We’re here to help you take the next steps to join the Class of 2020. This is exciting stuff — just look at the faces of your future lab partner, roommate or best friend showing off their acceptance letters. We can’t wait to add yours!

Freshman admission requirements

Guaranteed admission requirements

You are guaranteed admission to UNT if you:

  • Rank in the top 10% of your high school class and submit SAT or ACT scores
  • Rank in the next 15% and have a minimum 950 SAT (combined Critical Reading/Verbal + Math) or 20 ACT
  • Rank in the 2nd quarter and have a minimum 1050 SAT (combined Critical Reading/Verbal + Math) or 23 ACT
  • Rank in the 3rd quarter and have a minimum 1180 SAT (combined Critical Reading/Verbal + Math) or 26 ACT
  • Are a registered participant in UNT's Eagle Advantage program

All freshman applicants to UNT must submit SAT or ACT scores, including the writing portion of the exam.

In addition, state law (Texas Uniform Admission Policy SB 3826) requires all first-time freshmen to either:

  1. Earn an SAT score of at least 1500 out of 2400 or satisfy ACT benchmarks of 18 in English, 22 in math, 22 in reading and 23 in science; or
  2. Successfully complete the curriculum requirements for the distinguished level of achievement under the Texas Foundation, Recommended or Distinguished Achievement high school program or its equivalent. Minimum curriculum requirements exist including the successful completion of three years of math including Algebra II or a higher level of math.

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has determined that high schools are responsible for providing the appropriate documentation to confirm these curriculum requirements.

If you graduated from an out-of-state or international high school and don't meet the benchmarks shown above (#1), the necessary curriculum information will be provided by completing the appropriate form below:

If you meet the state requirements for SAT/ACT score or curriculum listed above, but don’t meet UNT’s admission requirements, your application will be reviewed individually by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Individual Review of Application

Individual Review is a process whereby a UNT Admissions Counselor reviews the application file of any freshman or transfer student who does not meet the minimum automatic or regular admission requirements. This review is an automatic process whenever the Office of Undergraduate Admissions determines that an applicant does not meet official UNT minimum entrance requirements.

Upon review of the application file, the Admissions Counselor will forward a letter to the student stating the options for possible admission to UNT. These options may include:

  • Submitting new entrance exam scores (SAT or ACT);
  • Attending a community college and completing 30 or more college-level hours with a minimum 2.25 GPA;
  • Duplicating college level work in which the student received a “D” or “F” to improve college GPA;
  • Submitting three letters of recommendation and an essay (personal statement) addressing their education and career goals.

Students should carry out the suggested option for the best possibility of admission into UNT.

Factors that may assist in determining academic readiness under the individual review provision may include, but are not limited to, the following: high school attended; first-generation college attendance; employment experience; special abilities such as bilingual proficiency and meeting family responsibilities; individual achievements; leadership activities; public service; and extra-curricular activities.

Additional Information for Non-Traditional Applicants

Early College High School (ECHS)

We understand that as an ECHS student, you are not the same as most incoming freshmen, so it makes sense that your admissions process should be a little different too. UNT has Admissions Counselors who can help ECHS students with planning, transferring your credits and admissions.

Find out more about ECHS admissions requirements.

Homeschooled Students

UNT recognizes home school programs and works with homeschooled students in their admission to the university. Homeschooled students must submit an official copy of their high school transcript along with their SAT and/or ACT scores. Each homeschool applicant is reviewed on a case by case basis.

In addition, homeschooled students must take the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) assessment prior to registering for courses. The TSI Assessment cannot be used in admissions decisions at UNT, but is necessary for adequate preregistration advising. For more information on the TSI Assessment, please visit UNT Learning Center's TSI web page or call at 940-369-7006.


Students who have earned a GED (and who either have not attended college or, if so, have earned fewer than 30 semester hours of transferable college work) may seek admission to UNT through an Individual Review process.

Learn how to apply for admission to UNT if you have earned your GED.

Early Admission

On an individual basis, UNT may admit high school students to the freshman class after completion of the junior year of high school. To be considered, students must:

  1. be ranked in the top quarter of their class;
  2. have a strong B average;
  3. have completed 3 units of English and 3 units each of solid mathematics, social science, and natural science;
  4. present minimum combined SAT (combined critical reading/verbal + math) score of 1180 or ACT composite of 26;
  5. submit letters from high school counselor or principal recommending early admission;
  6. submit a letter from parents or guardians stating they approve of early admission; and
  7. arrange an interview in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Under this program, high school seniors may be enrolled concurrently at UNT through coordination with the UNT Director of Admissions and the high school.

Adult Admission Program

Freshman applicants who have been out of high school for at least five years and who have earned fewer than 30 semester hours at a college or university may be eligible for admission to UNT under the Adult Admission Program.

See the requirements to apply to UNT through the Adult Admission Program.