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The Online Bachelor's of Applied Arts and Sciences Degree on Coursera

The University of North Texas (UNT) has partnered with Coursera to bring the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (B.A.A.S.) undergraduate degree completion program to the globally recognized and highly accessible online platform beginning in fall 2020.

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About the B.A.A.S.

“At UNT, we recognize that not everyone can take the traditional path to a bachelor’s degree and strive to help students of all backgrounds and experiences succeed,” said Dr. Adam Fein, Vice President of Digital Strategy and Innovation at UNT. “We’re excited to bring our successful B.A.A.S. program to Coursera and offer students around the world the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree and take advantage of the vast career opportunities this credential offers.”

The B.A.A.S. will prepare graduates to tackle new challenges as leaders in business, non-profit organizations, and community engagement. The rigorous, multidisciplinary degree offers seven focused concentrations:

  • Administration
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Hospitality
  • Information Technology
  • Media Innovation
  • Organizational Supervision
  • Social Services

Attainable and Affordable

This unique degree-completion program was developed to help students with diverse backgrounds, including those who have prior college or military credit, earn an accredited bachelor’s degree in the most streamlined way possible. An estimated 35% of jobs in the U.S. require at least a bachelor’s degree, yet 36 million Americans have attended some college, but never completed their degree. The B.A.A.S. is an attainable and affordable option for transfer students from community colleges and technical institutions, veterans or active-duty military personnel, and other non-traditional students with college credit to complete their bachelor’s degree. At $330 per credit hour*, the B.A.A.S. has one of the most affordable tuition rates among comparable programs.

Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences from UNT creates a unique degree pathway for community college students, veterans, international learners, and other non-traditional students.

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Customized Support For Student Success

UNT provides each program applicant with pre-advising to help create a customized degree plan based on individual goals and previously earned credits. Once admitted to the program, the advising team will provide continuous guidance throughout the student’s degree journey.

A Great Option for International Students

International students with a three-year bachelor’s degree can also apply previous credits to this program to earn a four-year bachelor’s degree -- fulfilling an eligibility requirement for many U.S.-based master’s programs.

Google IT Support Professional Certificate Degree Completion

Students who complete the Google IT Support Professional Certificate on Coursera can receive credit toward the information technology concentration of the B.A.A.S.. Developed by Google, the program is designed to prepare learners for an entry-level job in IT support in under six months. With this new pathway from UNT, learners can pursue a career in IT while working toward a full bachelor’s degree.

Ready to explore the online B.A.A.S. on the Coursera platform?

Applications for the B.A.A.S. will open in February 2020 and the first cohort is expected to begin in fall 2020. Learn more at Coursera.org

Learn more on www.coursera.org