Our faculty members are committed to inquiry and shared discovery, best professional practices, active participation in professional and scholarly organizations, the effective use of technology, and the value of intellectual and human diversity. 

They are committed to your success and are your partners throughout the online course process. Your professors will be available to you through:

  • Facilitating discussion threads
  • Organizing and participating in student chats
  • Continually monitoring and encouraging student activity and progress
  • Engaging students with questions about coursework via e-mail

Online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice:



The Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from the University of North Texas consists of 120 college credit hours. The degree requires 45 hours of general academic core and supporting coursework, 42 hours in the major, and 33 hours of general electives.



UNT General Academic Core Requirements (33 hours plus * courses)

  • College Writing (6 hours)
  • U.S. History (6 hours)
  • Visual/Performing Arts (3 hours)
  • College Math (3 hours)
  • Humanities (3 hours)
  • Political Science (6 hours)
  • Natural Sciences (6 hours)

(*Social/Behavioral Sciences, requirements (3 hours) can be satisfied by CJ major requirements)

Supporting Classes: BSCJ Major (12 hours)

PSYC 1630 (3 hours) General Psychology I

TECM 2700 (3 hours) Technical Writing

SOCI 1510 (3 hours) Introduction to Sociology

COMMUNICATIONS COURSE (3 hours - students choose from Introduction to Communications, Interpersonal Communication, Public Speaking, and Rhetoric and Argument)

CJ Major Requirements (42 hours)

The 27 hour CJ core provides students with a broad-based understanding of the CJ field. The 15-hour CJ elective block affords students the opportunity to tailor their degree to suit their career goals and interests.

CJ Required Core Courses (27 hours)

CJUS 2100 (3 hours) Crime and Justice in the U.S.

CJUS 2600 (3 hours) Diversity Issues

CJUS 3201 (3 hours) Criminal Law

CJUS 3300 (3 hours) Police Systems

CJUS 3400 (3 hours) Correctional Systems

CJUS 3600 (3 hours) Criminology

CJUS 3700 (3 hours) Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice

CJUS 4700 (3 hours) Research Methods in CJUS

CJUS 4901 (3 hours) CJ and Public Policy

CJ Required Electives (15 advanced hours - students choose 5 courses)

CJUS 3210 (3 hours) Judicial and Legal Systems

CJUS 3310 (3 hours) Organized and Consensual Crime

CJUS 3340 (3 hours) Computer Crime

CJUS 3610 (3 hours) Juvenile Justice

CJUS 4200 (3 hours) Criminal Procedure

CJUS 4330 (3 hours) Domestic and Int. Terrorism

CJUS 4350 (3 hours) Seminar on Violence

CJUS 4360 (3 hours) Criminal Investigation

CJUS 4850 (3 hours) Internship in Criminal Justice

CJUS 4870 (3 hours) Special Topics (may be repeated) - Example:  World Criminal Justice Systems and Serial Homicide

General Electives (33 hours)

Students may use their general elective hours to fulfill an academic minor or may sample electives across the university curriculum.

How to Apply


1. Apply to the University of North Texas.

  • You must be admitted to the University of North Texas before enrolling in the online program.
    • Submit your application at applytexas.org and choose the "Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice " in the degree plan list.
    • Pay the $75 application fee, which can be submitted through applytexas.org.
    • Request an official transcript of your records from each college or university that you have attended (official transcripts of all academic coursework previously undertaken, including any undergraduate degree from an accredited academic institution in an allied field) and have them sent to the Admissions Department - University of North Texas. Submit documents to:
      • University of North Texas
        Office of Undergraduate Admissions
        1155 Union Circle #311277 (USPS)
        1147 Union Circle, ESSC Room 305 (UPS/FedEx)
        Denton, TX 76203
        Email: unt.freshmen@unt.edu
        Phone: 940.565.2681
  • Admission of International Students
    • Applicants who do not hold either U.S. citizenship or U.S. permanent resident alien status should apply through the UNT International Admissions Office. International students ONLY: Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)--a minimum score of 550 (paper-based), 213 (computer-based), or 79 (internet-based) is required.
    • Click here for the International Undergraduate Student Admissions Checklist  

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

100% online.

Complete your Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Online!

Learn More

Complete Your Online BS in Criminal Justice

Our curriculum educates you in the theoretical, practical and empirical aspects of criminal justice in preparation or advancement in your criminal justice career or the pursuit of graduate studies. The course work addresses a wide variety of subjects, such as:

  • Criminal justice and public policy
  • Criminal law and procedure
  • Criminological theory
  • Ethical and diversity issues in criminal justice
  • History of crime and justice in the United States
  • Police and correctional systems
  • Research methods

Benefits of this Program

  • Complete your degree faster through flexible transfer credit options. Technical credits and academic credits earned at a community college or 4-year University can be seamlessly transferred into your degree plan.
  • All courses are designed and developed by full-time department faculty. The online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice continues the tradition of quality instruction, standards of excellence, and innovation in teaching and learning for which the Department of Criminal Justice is well known.
  • Quality Education. The online bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice provides students who cannot come to the Denton campus with a quality undergraduate learning experience from a highly-respected, Tier One Carnegie Classification University. This classification is given to the 115 top-tier research universities in the United States.

Worried that your busy lifestyle will get in the way of making your career goals a reality?

Our online program is the solution.

  • Convenient. Log in at any time from any place.
  • Affordable. Costs $964.29* per 3-hour course for Texas residents and $1,317.48* per 3-hour course for Out-of-State residents – an excellent value for a bachelor's degree.
  • Flexible. Online courses allow you to set your own schedule.
  • Adaptable. With the option to take one, two, or three courses or more at a time, you can set your own pace to best fit your needs. (Financial Aid requires taking 5 undergraduate hours to qualify.)
  • Respected. UNT's criminal justice alumni can be found in virtually every criminal justice agency serving the Dallas - Fort Worth metroplex and throughout the State of Texas.

*The amounts above do not include certain mandatory fees charged to students who are simultaneously taking courses on-campus nor do they include any college-level course fees. These costs are an estimate and the actual cost may vary based on the individual circumstances of the student (e.g., waivers or exemptions).

How does this program advance my career?

  • Some courses incorporate experiential activities in law enforcement, jails, prisons or courtrooms, or require completing service learning activities. Course electives and seminars allow you to focus your studies on your particular professional and personal interests.
  • Study abroad opportunities are available.
  • Our faculty members have extensive relationships with criminal justice agencies and include nationally recognized experts in policing, juvenile justice, corrections, criminological theory, victims' issues and criminalistics. They also have expertise in offender behavior and research methodology. Their books and articles are used in classrooms across the nation, and some have been cited as landmark research efforts.
  • While pursuing your degree, you may qualify for competitive, academic-based scholarships. Information about the scholarships are on our website at http://pacs.unt.edu/criminal-justice/.
  • Our Criminal Justice Internship Program allows you to complete an internship for academic credit and gain practical experience in the criminal justice field.
  • UNT also offers an Online Master's in Criminal Justice, ranked #2 in Texas and #18 in the U.S. by U.S. News and World Report. You can pursue this Master's degree after you complete your Bachelor's degree.

How does it work?

  • Within the 120-hour online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree, you'll complete 27 credit hours of core criminal justice courses; 12 credit hours of psychology, sociology, technical writing and communications courses; and 15 credit hours of advanced criminal justice electives. Electives focus on a variety of topics including drugs and society, computer crime, terrorism, violence, criminal investigation, organized and consensual crime, world criminal justice systems, and serial homicide.
  • The Career Center, Learning Center and professional academic advisors are among the many valuable resources available to you at UNT. The Career Center can provide advice about internships, future employment opportunities and getting hands-on experience in your major. The Learning Center offers workshops on speed reading, study skills and time management. Academic advisors will help you plan your class schedule each semester.
  • The online course schedule rotates throughout Fall, Summer, and Spring with many courses offered each semester -- allowing you to easily fit the courses offered to your personal schedule.


Program Contact

Criminal Justice
Chilton Hall, Room 265
410 S. Avenue C
Denton TX, 76201 

Office: (940) 565-2562

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This website is an information source for distance education courses offered by the University of North Texas and is intended to provide some specific information not found in the Schedule of Classes. It contains course section information as it is provided by UNT Faculty and is intended to be kept up-to-date. The Center for Distributed Learning reserves the right to make changes at any time to reflect current course information. Information provided by this website is subject to change without notice and does not constitute a contract between the University of North Texas and a student or an applicant for admission. The UNT Schedule of Classes remains the official listing of all UNT Courses. Students are responsible for observing the regulations contained in the current University Undergraduate or Graduate Catalog; therefore, they are urged to read the catalog(s) carefully.

Distance Learning Guide to Contacting UNT Offices & Services

Don’t know where an office or building is located? Check the Campus Map.

AskUNT (Campus-wide FAQ)

UNT Directories

You can find answers below, listed by department or by service.


Find an answer by department (alphabetical).

Find an answer by service (alphabetical).


Account Management System (AMS)

Log-in to AMS

AMS allows you to view your EUID, your 10-digit UNT ID number, and change your password. If you have trouble logging into Blackboard Learn or MyUNT, go to AMS to check your account information. For help, contact the UNT Helpdesk.

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Career Services

Distance students may also set up telephone appointments with a Career Advisor and talk directly with someone about career choice, job search, etc (some of this can be done via email as well).

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Counseling and Testing Center

Counseling & Testing provides private, confidential, professional consultation/screenings and services. This office offers personal counseling, as well as vocational/career counseling and consulation.

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Committee on Student Conduct

The Dean of Students Office enforces the Code of Student Conduct. The Code explains what conduct is prohibited, the process the university uses to review alleged violations, and the sanctions that can be imposed. When students may have violated the Code they meet with a university official to discuss the violation in an educational process.e with the Code of Student Conduct and maintains official disciplinary records.  The Committee on Student Contact reviews cases brought to the attention of the Dean of Students Office.

Anyone can report alleged misconduct to the Dean of Students Office by calling 940.565.2039, emailing conduct.dos@unt.edu, or visiting the office in the University Union, suite 409.

Anyone who has experienced dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, sexual harassment, or sexual violence can contact the Dean of Students Office (940.565.2039), the Title IX Coordinator (940.565.2711), or the UNT Police Department (940.565.3000) to file a report. Assistance, support, and referrals to other support agencies are available regardless of any request for disciplinary action.

  • Homepage
  • (940) 565-2039
  • (940) 369-8440 (fax)
  • Hours:
    Monday-Friday, 8am - 5pm

Student Handbook: http://deanofstudents.unt.edu/sites/default/files/code_of_student_conduct.pdf

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Student Legal Advisor

This office provides UNT students with free legal advice. However, legal advice is not provided over the phone or email. This information is provided for those students who wish to travel to the campus for legal help, or to contact this office. Also, some general legal resources are provided at the link below.

  • Homepage
  • Legal Resources
  • (940) 565-2614
  • (940) 369-7251 (fax)
  • Hours:
    Open Legal Clinic: 
    Wednesdays, 8:00am - 12:00pm and 1:00pm - 3:30pm

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The Learning Center

The Learning Center's mission is to provide programs that enhance learning and facilitate academic excellence for all UNT students. The Learning Center Too! is a second location, open longer hours. The online tutoring service through Smarthinking.com is available 24 hours a day, but you will need a password for your initial log-in and account set-up (call 940-369-7006 for details).

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The Student Writing Lab

The UNT Student Writing Lab was created to serve the needs of the students at the University of North Texas in all aspects of writing. Undergraduate and graduate students consult with the staff of the Writing Lab for help in writing better papers.

All services of the Writing Center are free of charge for all University of North Texas students.

  • Homepage
  • (940) 565-2563
  • Sage Hall 152  (Summer 2016 hours_
    Monday - Thursday, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

    Walk-In Hours at Willis Library, Room 123
    Monday and Wednesday, 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Academic Success Program

The Academic Success Program is a workshop that provides students with the skills and resources needed to be successful in their academic pursuits.

Attendance is mandatory for those on Academic Alert (UNT CGPA below 1.8).

  • Homepage

    The process:

    1. Contact the Learning Center to sign up for a starting date and time.
    2. Attend four workshops, once a week during your sign up time.
    3. Schedule and meet individually with an academic coordinator.

      All workshops will be held in 315 Sage Hall.

      To schedule an individual ASP session for the summer please visit  unt.upswing.io/

      After signing in with your EUID and password, type "academic success program" into the search bar. Select a coach and schedule a session. You MUST select the in-person 60 minute option or your session will be cancelled.

      For questions please email Olivia.Fritts@unt.edu

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Health & Wellness Center

The Student Health & Wellness Center is committed to providing quality health care in a cost-effective manner. The staff is also committed to promoting prevention and wellness through health and medical education.

Distance students will not be charged the medical service fee, student union fee, recreational facility fee or transportation fee if they are not taking any classes on the Denton campus. Students will be charged those fees if one or more of their classes are connected to the Denton campus. 

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Student Recreation Center

The purpose of the Recreational Sports Department at UNT is the provision of programs, services, and facilities, which support the recreational and fitness needs of the university community (students, faculty, staff and their families and guests) and support the educational goals of the University of North Texas. The goal is to provide a positive environment to assist those individuals in exploring and learning about recreation and fitness activities, in order to enhance a better quality of life and to become active members of the community. The activities are provided through intramural sports, informal recreation, group exercise, sport clubs, fitness, faculty/staff fitness, special events, outdoor pursuits and aquatics.

Distance students will not be charged the medical service fee, student union fee, recreational facility fee or transportation fee if they are not taking any classes on the Denton campus. Students will be charged those fees if one or more of their classes are connected to the Denton campus. 

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Student Accounting & Cashier Services

Student Accounting deals with tuition & fees, loan funds, bill payment, and ID Systems.

FEES NOTE: Distance students will not be charged the medical service fee, student union fee, recreational facility fee or transportation fee if they are not taking any classes on the Denton campus. Students will be charged those fees if one or more of their classes are connected to the Denton campus.

Emergency Loans

  • Allan Saxe NT Green Loan
    Are you waiting for your paycheck, but need cash now? This loan is ideal for such a situation. It works great for weekend spending cash or covering small expenses such as food, gas, or other small bills.
  • Memorial Loan
    Do you have an emergency that you need money for now? Are you waiting for your financial aid to come through, but you need money for books and supplies now? This loan can be used to buy books or satisfy other emergency expenses.
  • Bailey Loan
    Are you waiting for your paycheck, but need cash now? This loan is ideal for such a situation. It works great for weekend spending cash or covering small expenses such as food, gas, or other small bills.
  • Boots-to-Books (B2B) Loan
    Please Note: The Boots-to-Books loan application process requires interested students to first meet with a SMMC loan program team member before gaining access to the application.
    The Summer B2B Loan Program will open on 5/13/16 for students who qualify. Review eligibility requirements.
  • Email the Student Money Management Center with questions about the short term loans at moneymanagement@unt.edu, or contact Student Accounting for more information.

Check Payments (Online or Mail)

Check payments are accepted online at my.unt.edu. Check payments for the installment plan deadlines in the Fall and Spring can also be mailed to the following address. Payments for Regular Registration and Add/Drop periods should not be mailed. Please write your full name and date of birth on the check.

  • University of North Texas
    Student Accounting & University Cashiering Services
    Eagle Student Service Center, Room 105
    1155 Union Circle, #310620
    Denton, TX 76203-5017

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Registrar's Office

The Registrar's Office handles matters related to student records, registration, information release opt-out, enrollment verification, transcripts, veterans, and residency. It also provides the print copies of the UNT catalogs and schedule of classes.

  • Mailing Address:
  • University of North Texas
    Registrar's Office
    1155 Union Circle #311400
    Denton, Texas 76203-5017
  • Physical Address:
  • University of North Texas
    Eagle Student Services Building
    Registrar's Office
    1147 Union Circle
    Denton, Texas 76203

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Information for Veterans

The Registrar's Office is responsible for enrollment certification and notifying the regional VA office of student schedule changes. Call the VA office toll free from anywhere in Texas at 1-888-442-4551 or call the Denton line, (940) 565-2111.

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Registration / MyUNT

You can access the UNT student portal, MyUNT, by logging into my.unt.edu.My UNT is a University of North Texas System portal that provides a central web location to access available online services, such as registration and financial aid services, using a single login id.

The Registrar's Office provides assistance relating to My UNT, registration and resolution of student schedule problems.

  • MyUNT
  • Eagle Student Services Center, Room 147
  • (940) 565-2378

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Enrollment Verification / Statements of Standing

To obtain Enrollment Verification/Certification or Statements of Standing for employment or financial aid purposes, contact the Registrar's Office at the number below, or visit the website for additional information.

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Information Counter / Extended Hours Desk

The Registrar's Office Information Counter provides information about transcripts, catalogs, course duplications, changing pass/fail status, drops, withdrawals, changes in biographical data (address, etc.), and general campus information. The Extended Hours Desk provides various services after the normal Eagle Student Services Hours, including:


Registrar’s Office: Order and pick up transcripts, Order verification of enrollment, turn in duplication forms, drop a class, withdraw from the university, change address, turn in pass/no pass form, obtain a catalog and/or schedule of classes bulletin.

Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions: Pick up Admissions information, pick up and turn in residency information, turn in application, check application status, pick up and turn in change of major form, pick up GRE/GMAT information.

Student Accounting: Check Account Balance, turn in check payment at the drop box (except during registration), pick up and turn in Faculty/Staff/Retiree/Dependent Educational Scholarship Application, AFDC Tuition and Fee exemption, Senior Citizen Waiver, Final Graduate Hours Waiver, Scholarship Program for Early High School Graduates, Refund Request, Hazelwood Act for Texas Veterans Waiver Application.

Financial Aid: Answer general questions, fill out a summer application, turn in paperwork, fill out a counselor contact form, pick up a Financial Aid Transcript Form.

*Some examples of services that must be prearranged with the departments during regular hours include picking up disbursement checks, verification of enrollment and Financial Aid paperwork. If you have a question about whether a service can be provided check with the department.


  • Information Counter
  • (940) 565-2378
  • Hours
    Monday - Friday 8am-5pm

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The Registrar's Office keeps records of student residency (in-state or out-of-state) for tuition purposes. If you feel that your residency is incorrect, or if it has changed, you may contact the Registrar's Office using the number below.

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Student Records / Academic Status

Records personnel assist students in filing course duplications, computing grade point averages, removing incomplete (*I*) grades, and posting transfer credit on continuing students. Counseling is provided in regard to a student's academic status including good standing, probation, and suspension. Students may inspect their permanent records with proper identification during academic status counseling.

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Withhold Directory Information (Information Release Opt-Out)

Students may request that directory information be withheld from the public as appropriate.

To request that your information be withheld from the UNT directory, write out a request clearly stating which information you wish withheld (name, mailing address, phone number, email, etc.), and sign your full name. Then fax this request to 940-565-4463. (See Public Information Policy and Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act for additional information.)

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Library (Distance Services)

UNT’s library system, with 5.7 million in cataloged holdings in five libraries, is designated a major research library by the U.S. Department of Education. The UNT Libraries provide a number of services for distance students.

You will need to know your 10-digit UNT ID number to use the distance learning request form. If you do not have a UNT ID card, you can find your ID number by logging into AMS or MyUNT.

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UNT Bookstore

The UNT Bookstore carries textbooks, pleasure reading, computer products, apparel, and gifts. The bookstore also provides graduation paraphenalia, including regalia, invitations, and diploma frames. You can order textbooks online and have them shipped to you, please view this link for more information regarding graduation regalia & invitations.

  • Homepage
  • Contact Bookstore Form at: http://unt.bncollege.com
  • (940) 565-2592
  • The Bookstore hours are:
    Monday and Thursday, 8am - 7pm
    Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 8am - 5pm
    Saturday, 10am - 4pm
    Sunday, 10am - 3pm

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Graduation Information

To your order cap, gown, invitations, and other graduation necessities, go to the UNT Bookstore website or open this form and fax it to (940) 565-4042 .

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Calendars, Catalogs, & Schedule of Classes

The Academic Calendar lists university-wide events, registration/admissions deadlines, and other dates related to UNT academic life. The Holiday Schedule lists all UNT-observed holidays and other university closings. The Event Calendar lists campus events each month.

Catalogs, Academic Calendar, Schedule of Classes

Schedule of Classes

Holiday Schedule

Event Calendar

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Students who have met all University monetary and non-monetary obligations can obtain official UNT transcripts at no charge. Unofficial copies of transfer work from other schools are also available. Students may request unofficial copies of UNT and transfer work to be sent to any department on campus for advising and degree plan purposes. For more, click here or call (940) 565-2111.

To request a transcript by mail or fax:

All financial and administrative obligations to the University must be met before an official UNT transcript can be processed.

  1. To check for blocks on your record, visit my.unt.edu.
  2. Print the Transcript Order Form (Adobe Acrobat required to download form)
  3. Mail to:


Office of the Registrar
1155 Union Circle #311400
Denton, TX 76203-5017

Or fax: (940) 565-3878


Once a written request is received, the transcript is processed and mailed within 3 to 4 working days.

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UNT-wide FAQ (AskUNT)

The university-wide FAQ answers questions about admissions, financial aid, and more.

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Campus Operators

The University Information Operators provide a major support service to all offices and departments on the University by answering incoming, intercampus, and long distance calls; providing general, non-technical information upon request; and referring all other questions to the proper departments.

    • Homepage
      (940) 565-2000
      (817) 267-3731 (Metro #)


  • Hours:
    Monday-Thursday, 7:30am - 7:00pm
    Friday, 7:30am - 5:00pm

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Blackboard Learn

Passwords expire every 120 days. If your password has expired, please go to http://ams.unt.edu to reset it. For technical problems, email or call the helpdesk (see below). Contact your instructor directly for other problems (see directories, or call Campus Operator for instructor contact information).


  • Sage Hall 130
  • email: helpdesk@unt.edu
  • (940) 565-2324
  • Helpdesk Hours:
    Monday-Thursday, 8am - 12am
    Friday 8am - 8pm
    Saturday 9am - 5pm
    Sunday 12pm - 12am

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UNT Distance Education

For general information on distance education at UNT, see these pages:

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Log-in Problems

(Blackboard Learn, Library Electronic Resources, MyUNT)

Passwords expire every 120 days. If your password has expired, please go to http://ams.unt.edu to reset it. For more information, see the UNT Distance Education Page or call the UIT Computing Help Desk at 940-565-2324.

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EagleConnect is UNT's web based electronic mail system (client) with a graphical interface. With it you can read and send messages, attach documents, spreadsheets, graphics or other files, and save or print your messages.

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online.UNT.edu is the home for information regarding UNT's online degree programs and certificates.  Whether searching for an undergraduate or graduate degree program or certificate, you will find a wide range of choices, all designed to fit around your busy lifestyle.

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Toulouse School of Graduate Studies

Graduate students may enroll in any of 101 master's degree programs and 49 doctoral programs through the Robert B. Toulouse School of Graduate Studies. Graduating students will also contact this office for information regarding theses/dissertations and graduation procedures. The Toulouse School of Graduate Studies provides information on admission, degrees, financial aid, thesis & dissertations, and graduation.

  • Homepage
  • Contact us at http://tsgs.unt.edu/contact
  • Toll-free hotline: 1-888-UNT-GRAD (1-888-868-4723)
  • (940) 565-2383
  • (940) 565-2141 (fax)
  • International: +1.940.565.2442
    International Fax: +1.940.565.4822

Toulouse School of Graduate Studies
1155 Union Circle #305459
1147 Union Circle, Eagle Student Services Center, Room 354
Denton , TX 76203-5017

Request More Information

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Financial Aid

Student Financial Aid and Scholarships at the University of North Texas provides assistance to qualified students who need financial help to pursue their education. Financial aid awards are funded and regulated by state and federal governments.


Mailing Address:
Student Financial Aid and Scholarships
1155 Union Circle #311370
Denton , TX 76203-5017

Physical Address:
Student Financial Aid and Scholarships
1147 Union Circle
Eagle Student Services Center (ESSC), Room 228


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Computing and Information Technology Center

The Computing and Information Technology Center (CITC) provides a variety of computing services to the academic community. This includes the comprehensive helpdesk and technology infrastructure for assisting UNT students, faculty, and staff with computing issues (including Blackboard Learn, AMS, and MyUNT).


  • 940-565-2324
  • Help Desk Hours:
    Monday-Thursday, 8am-midnight
    Friday, 8am-8pm
    Saturday, 9am-5pm
    Sunday, 12pm-midnight

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Dean of Students Offices

The Dean of Students Department plays a key role in your life while you are here at the University of North Texas. Our goal is to assist by connecting you with opportunities to get involved, to find resources that can aid you with your various concerns and to serve as your advocate.

  • Homepage
  • Dean of Students Office
    PO Box 305069
    Denton, Texas 76203-5069

    Phone: (940) 565-2648
    Fax: (940) 565-4446
    Email: deanofstudents@unt.edu
    Dean's Blog (coming soon)

    Location: University Union, Suite 320

    Monday - Thursday: 8:00am - 7:00pm
    Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm

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Commuter, Off-Campus and Non-Traditional Student Services Office

The Commuter, Off-Campus and Non-Traditional Student Services Office serves as a liaison between students and on and off-campus services. This office is responsible for the delivery of programs and services to commuter, off-campus, and non-traditional students.

Mailing Address
Student Activities Center
University Union, Suite 320
P.O. Box 305069
Denton, TX 76203

Physical Address
University of North Texas
Student Activities Center
1115 Union Circle
Denton, Texas 76203

Telephone: (940) 565-3807
Fax: (940) 565-4446
Web site: http://www.unt.edu/sa/

Hours: Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm.

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ID Systems Information

The purpose of this office is to provide student identification cards.

  • Homepage
  • (940) 565-4481
  • Eagle Student Services Center; Room 105

If you are not coming to campus, you can also look-up your ID# at AMS or MyUNT.

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Office of Disability Accommodations

The Office of Disability Accommodation (ODA) is the central referral agency and resource clearinghouse for students who qualify for disability accommodations as defined by the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and, since 1990, the Americans with Disability Act (ADA).

The mission of ODA is to provide reasonable accommodations to students and to apply appropriate adjustments to the classroom and associated learning environments . In order to facilitate this process, ODA maintains all student disability-related medical and psychological documentation and the corresponding accommodation request records. Once students are accepted into the University, they are encouraged to contact ODA so that we may assess ways in which we can facilitate access to educational opportunities for the consummate college experience.


University of North Texas
Union - Suite 322
P.O. Box 310770
Denton , TX 76203-0770

Mailing Address
Office of Disability Accommodation
1155 Union Circle #310770
Denton, Texas 76203-5017

Physical Address
University of North Texas
Office of Disability Accommodation
University Union Bldg. Suite 321
1155 Union Circle
Denton, TX 76203

Telephone: (940) 565-4323
Fax: (940) 369-7969
TTY: (940) 369-8652
Web site: http://www.unt.edu/oda/


To Apply for Services

Please keep in mind that the process below must be completed before the ODA can provide any services or make any recommendations to faculty on your behalf. On average, the process takes at least two weeks to complete, but if your documentation does not meet all the requirements listed on the documentation page the process will be delayed.

  1. Optional

    Contact the ODA to schedule an "Information Meeting" with an ODA Counselor. In this meeting, we will listen to your concerns and help you decide on pursuing formal accommodations with our office. The counselor will explain what sort of documentation will be required for your disability and refer you to resources where you can obtain such documentation. Often, we are able to refer students to resources on campus that can provide immediate assistance for a wide range of issues, including financial, personal, medical and academic. However, official accommodations do not begin until the remaining steps of this process are complete. As noted, step one is optional. If you already have documentation, you may start with the next step.

  2. Required

    If you decide to pursue formal accommodations, submit your documentation to the ODA in person, by mail or by fax (940) 369-7969 with the ODA application for services. Documentation is not accepted by email. Please make sure you include your name, address and phone number on the documentation or attach the ODA Information Form. Documentation is reviewed weekly.

  3. Required

    After your documentation is reviewed, you will receive a phone call from the ODA support staff. They will ask you to come to our office for the next ODA group orientation session. The ODA group orientation is strongly encouraged because the group format typically allows you to complete the ODA registration process earlier, receive the letters of accommodation your professors require faster, and will enable you to interact with other students who may be receiving similar accommodations to share strategies. However, if you are not comfortable with the ODA group orientation you may request an individual orientation appointment. NOTE: The support staff will not be able to discuss the results of the documentation review. You will also receive written notification of the results of the documentation review. This notification will state whether or not your documentation was sufficient or if more information is required.

  4. Required

    You must attend the ODA group orientation session or an individual ODA orientation. If you are more than 15 minutes late, you may be asked to reschedule. If more information is required, you will you will be informed how to go about acquiring the additional information but you will not be eligible for ODA orientation. You must resubmit your documentation with this updated information in order to proceed.

If your documentation was determined to be sufficient for the ODA to provide accommodations, you will receive a letter of accommodation after attending the ODA group or individual orientation. You must then take this letter to your instructors and discuss the accommodations before they can be implemented. It is your responsibility to take the letters to your professors. Your accommodations begin once you have discussed them with your instructors. They are not retroactive and cannot be applied to any previous tests, quizzes, assignments, absences or coursework.

Remember, you must complete the Accommodation Request Form (pdf), or submit the request online to receive your accommodation letters each semester.

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