Students accepted into the MS in Merchanding will complete 36 hours of specified graduate courses.  Up to 6 hours outside Hospitality Management may be selected.
All courses listed are offered 100% online.


Required Courses:

EPSY 5050 (3 hours) Educational Research and Evaluation (or other Approved Methodology Course)
EPSY 5210 (3 hours) Educational Statistics (or other approved Statistics Course)
MDSE 5500 (3 hours) Merchandising Strategies
CMHT 5920 (3 hours) Problem in Liew of Thesis
CMHT 5950 (6 hours) Master's Thesis

Content Courses: Select 15-18 hours

CMHT 5000 (3 hours) Global Discovery in Merchandising and Hospitality Management
MDSE 5230 (3 hours) Home Furnishing Industry
MDSE 5240 (3 hours) Global Fashion Retailing
CMHT 5440 (3 hours) Consumer Theory
CMHT 5550 (3 hours) Promotional Strategies
MDSE 5560 (3 hours) Sustainable Strategies in Merchandising
CMHT 5600 (3 hours) Managing Customer Experiences
MDSE 5620 (3 hours) Socio-Cultural Analysis of Dress
MDSE 5650 (3 hours) International Sourcing
CMHT 5700 (3 hours) Service Excellence
MDSE 5750 (3 hours) Digital Retailing
CMHT 5790 (3 hours) Field Experience (only with permission of advisor)
CMHT 5800 (3 hours) Seminar in Various Areas of Concentration (when offered in course rotation)
CMHT 5900 - CMHT 5910 (3 hours) Special Problems (only with permission of advisor)

Electives:  May select up to 6 hours outside Merchandising

****Course prefixes have changed over the 2011-2013 year period to reflect the new department (MDSE from SMHM) and college name (CMHT from SMHM).  Courses have not changed, only the prefix to the course numbers.

  • Non-thesis students will enroll in CMHT 5920 and must pass a written comprehensive exam that can be taken upon successful completion of 24 hours.  See CMHT Comprehensive Exam Guidelines.
  • Thesis students will enroll in CMHT 5950 and must successfully defend their thesis project as their final examination.  Once enrolled in 5950 students must continuously enroll until finished. 

With permission, students may transfer up to nine (9) approved accredited graduate hours.
Students have a total of six years to complete the Masters of Science degree.  The six-year rule begins with the earliest date of any transferred graduate hours applied to the UNT degree. 
Graduate students must secure written permission from the graduate dean before registering for any course or courses at another institution while registered for any courses at UNT.

**Specific admission requirements for the graduate certificate program are in the UNT Graduate Catalog.


Dr. Lisa Kennon
Associate Professor, CMHT Graduate Coordinator

1155 Union Circle #311100
Denton, TX 76203