Master of Science in Learning Technologies Coursework

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Doctorate Coursework

Courses for MS in Learning Technologies

UNT has a proven track record in online delivery and has been teaching students online for nearly thirty years. The MS degree is one a few in the U.S. that is aligned with the International Society for Technology in Education.s (ISTE) National Educational Technology Standards (NETS). You.ll learn how technology helps us learn and discover how to create your own online courses, implement learning technologies theory and practice, and more. And you.ll do it all from the convenience of your own home. Or the local coffee shop. Or the commuter train. No matter where you are, this degree is designed to help you get where you want to be.

Primary Tools Learned/Used

  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Adobe Design Creative Suite (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Illustrator, Acrobat Pro)
  • and more.

Learning Technology Learned/Used

  • LMS: Blackboard, Moodle, and others
  • Webinar Tools: Adobe Connect, Go To Training, Skype, Google Hangouts, and others
  • Data and Cloud Technology: File Sharing, File Servers, Social Media Tools
  • and more.

The 36 hours of course work includes 24 hours of core/foundations, 12 hours of specific track and electives depending on the program tracks.

Core/Foundation Courses (24 hours)

  • LTEC 5030 (3 hrs) Foundations of Learning Technologies
  • LTEC 5300 (3 hrs) Learning and Cognition
  • LTEC 5110 (3 hrs) Multimedia in Technology Applications
  • LTEC 5610 (3 hrs) Analysis of Research in Educational Technology
  • LTEC 5210 (3 hrs) Instructional Systems Design I
  • LTEC 5200 (3 hrs) New Technologies of Instruction
  • LTEC 5510 (3 hrs) Technology Based Learning Environments
  • LTEC 5580 (3 hrs) Readings Seminar in Computer Education and Cognitive Systems

Track-Specific Courses (12 hours)

Instructional Systems

This program track requires the completion of:

  • LTEC 5420 (3 hrs) Web Authoring
  • LTEC 5570 (3 hrs) Ethical, Legal and Professional Issues in Computing
  • LTEC 5400 (3 hrs) Educational Telecommunications
  • LTEC 5040 (3 hrs) Online Design & Pedagogy

Instructional Systems Technology

This program track requires the completion of:

And the completion of 3 of the following:

  • LTEC 5100 (3 hrs) Advanced Web and Media Development
  • LTEC 5120 (3 hrs) Authoring Learning Games, Sims, and Virtual Environments
  • LTEC 5310 (3 hrs) Human-Computer Interaction
  • LTEC 5450 (3 hrs) Building Internet Information Services
  • LTEC 5460 (3 hrs) Computer Networks for Educational Environments

Instructional Systems Design

This program track requires the completion of:

  • LTEC 5040 (3 hrs) Online Design & Pedagogy
  • LTEC 5211 (3 hrs) Instructional Systems Design II

And the completion of 2 of the following:

Teaching and Learning with Technology

This program track requires the completion of:

  • LTEC 5420 (3 hrs) Web Authoring
  • LTEC 5111 (3 hrs) Introduction to Video Technology
  • LTEC 5260 (3 hrs) Computer Graphics for Mediated Communications
  • LTEC 5040 (3 hrs) Online Design & Pedagogy

Deficiency Courses (If required to level into the MS. Credit does not count toward degree total)