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The Ph.D. in Learning Technologies is available for residential study for students who can attend the UNT campus and via an online distance-delivered format for those who, due to distance or reason, cannot attend the UNT campus.

The doctorate in Learning Technologies focuses on defining, understanding, and expanding the synergy of technology and learning/instructional systems theory. The core of the Ph.D. program is the application of technologies within the learning process. Towards this end, a successful doctoral candidate demonstrates proficiency in skills and knowledge that allows the individual, upon graduation, to become a contributing scholar/practitioner in the field. Graduates work as faculty, instructors, teachers, instructional designers, directors of distance education, technology coordinators, trainers, and other professionals in the instructional, educational, and learning technology fields both in educational and corporate settings. The program has a focus on academic research and writing, which has resulted in a majority of graduating doctoral students holding positions at universities.

Benefits of this Program

  • Graduate will understand the relationship between human learning, technology intervention and instructional practices
  • Graduate will have experience in laboratory and field-based research, internships and practicum, presenting papers at professional conferences and disseminating research through the traditional professional journals, through the Internet and other electronic media.

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  • Convenient. Earn a PhD online!
  • Affordable. A 3-hour course costs approximately $1,424.45 for a Texas Resident.
  • Flexible. Log in any time and from any place. Online courses allow you to set your own schedule.
  • Adaptable. Working full time? Online courses make the most of your valuable time.
  • Respected.Research is an important aspect of the Learning Technologies Department. Research projects increase the knowledge within our field while allowing graduate students to be actively involved in projects that enhance their educational experience.

How does this program advance my career? This program is a perfect fit for:

The objectives for this program will be to develop Process Competencies in the following:

  • Synthesize Knowledge: The graduate will read and synthesize the literature related to his/her specific discipline, describe fundamental theories of human learning and the role of technology, and apply knowledge of human learning and technology to the solution of practical problems in his/her discipline.
  • Create Knowledge: The graduate will describe common research methods in his/her discipline, read and evaluate educational research, and apply research findings to the solution of practical problems in his/her discipline.
  • Communicate Knowledge: The graduate will communicate effectively in oral and written formats including the ability to communicate content from his/her discipline through the design and delivery of effective teaching/learning activities that integrate content and pedagogy, adapt instruction and support services to the needs of diverse learners, and assess appropriately learning outcomes.
  • Think Critically and Reflectively: The graduate will develop a personal vision of inclusive educational practice, identify the relationship of his/her discipline to the broader field of education, and critically evaluate theory and practice.
  • Engage in Professional Development: The graduate will demonstrate the disposition for life-long learning and continuous professional development.
  • Participate Actively in Their Profession: The graduate will identify communities of practice within his/her discipline and participate within these communities.

How does it work?

New Cohorts start each semester, applications are due no later than the first of April each year.

The PhD in Learning Technologies focuses on understanding and expanding the synergy of technology and learning/instructional systems theory. Graduates of the program are prepared to accept appointments at universities and organizations whose mission is the creation, instruction, or testing of innovative applications of instructional and educational technology in academic and corporate settings. Graduates work as faculty, teachers, instructional designers, directors of distance education, technology coordinators, trainers, and other positions in the instructional, educational, and learning technology fields.

Toward this end, a successful doctoral candidate will demonstrate proficiency in both process and content areas. Process proficiency refers to the skills and knowledge that graduates use in the course of being contributing scholars/practitioners; whereas, content areas proficiency is the deep domain specific knowledge and skills which form the foundation of our discipline. These activities are supported through mentoring and student-centered study and research.

The distance delivered PhD in Learning Technologies is a blended offering with students taking online courses throughout the year and attending a yearly face-to-face meeting during the summer. This program is available to students living outside the North Texas area or those students unable to attend the residency offering. Students within driving distance of UNT should investigate the residency program.

Admissions consists of an a.) visit, b.) application to the University of North Texas Graduate School and c.) application to the Learning Technologies program. Full details can be found on the Department web page at It is suggested that students apply as soon as possible to ensure adequate time to process and review their application. Those wanting to complete both the Masters in Learning Technologies and the PhD in Learning Technologies can apply for the extended MS and PhD program in which an additional 27 hours are taken at the Masters level to receive both the MS and PhD degrees.


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