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The Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from the University of North Texas consists of 120 college credit hours. The degree requires 45 hours of general academic core and supporting coursework, 42 hours in the major, and 33 hours of general electives.



UNT General Academic Core Requirements (33 hours plus * courses)

  • College Writing (6 hours)
  • U.S. History (6 hours)
  • Visual/Performing Arts (3 hours)
  • College Math (3 hours)
  • Humanities (3 hours)
  • Political Science (6 hours)
  • Natural Sciences (6 hours)

(*Social/Behavioral Sciences, requirements (3 hours) can be satisfied by CJ major requirements)

Supporting Classes: BSCJ Major (12 hours)

PSYC 1630 (3 hours) General Psychology I

TECM 2700 (3 hours) Technical Writing

SOCI 1510 (3 hours) Introduction to Sociology

COMMUNICATIONS COURSE (3 hours - students choose from Introduction to Communications, Interpersonal Communication, Public Speaking, and Rhetoric and Argument)

CJ Major Requirements (42 hours)

The 27 hour CJ core provides students with a broad-based understanding of the CJ field. The 15-hour CJ elective block affords students the opportunity to tailor their degree to suit their career goals and interests.

CJ Required Core Courses (27 hours)

CJUS 2100 (3 hours) Crime and Justice in the U.S.

CJUS 2600 (3 hours) Diversity Issues

CJUS 3201 (3 hours) Criminal Law

CJUS 3300 (3 hours) Police Systems

CJUS 3400 (3 hours) Correctional Systems

CJUS 3600 (3 hours) Criminology

CJUS 3700 (3 hours) Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice

CJUS 4700 (3 hours) Research Methods in CJUS

CJUS 4901 (3 hours) CJ and Public Policy

CJ Required Electives (15 advanced hours - students choose 5 courses)

CJUS 3210 (3 hours) Judicial and Legal Systems

CJUS 3310 (3 hours) Organized and Consensual Crime

CJUS 3340 (3 hours) Computer Crime

CJUS 3610 (3 hours) Juvenile Justice

CJUS 4200 (3 hours) Criminal Procedure

CJUS 4330 (3 hours) Domestic and Int. Terrorism

CJUS 4350 (3 hours) Seminar on Violence

CJUS 4360 (3 hours) Criminal Investigation

CJUS 4850 (3 hours) Internship in Criminal Justice

CJUS 4870 (3 hours) Special Topics (may be repeated) - Example:  World Criminal Justice Systems and Serial Homicide

General Electives (33 hours)

Students may use their general elective hours to fulfill an academic minor or may sample electives across the university curriculum.