Students interested in pursuing the MS in Health Services Administration may pursue either of two career options for this professional degree. One option satisfies the Texas requirements for licensure as a long-term care administrator, and the other prepares individuals for alternative careers in administration of community-based services.  As of May, the required hours for this degree program were set at 36 hours.  All courses for the required degree will be offered online.

Students take 24 hours of Core and 12 hours of Concentration Courses for the M.S.

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Required CORE Courses (24)

AGER 5300 (3 hours) Health Information Systems
AGER 5400 (3 hours) Health Delivery Systems
AGER 5450 (3 hours) Health Services Administration
AGER 5710 (3 hours) Theories & Measures for Health & Wellness
AGER 5740 (3 hours) Financial Issues in Health Care Administration
AGER 5820 (3 hours) Marketing Health Services
AGER 5880 (3 hours) Healthcare Law & Ethics
AGER 5940 (3 hours) Capstone

Applied Gerontology Concentration (12)

AGER 5600 (3 hours) Housing
AGER 5750 (3 hours) Processes of Aging
AGER 5780 (3 hours) Federal, State, and Local Programs in Aging
AGER 5790 (3 hours) Needs Assessment, Program Planning & Evaluation in Serivces

Long-Term Care Concentration (12)

AGER 5600 (3 hours) Housing
AGER 5810 (3 hours) Seminar on Administration of Programs in Aging
AGER 5840 (3 hours) Internship
AGER 5850 (3 hours) Internship

Rehabilitation Services Concentration (12)


RHAB 5700 (3 hours) Introduction to Rehabilitation
RHAB 5710 (3 hours) Multicultural Rehabilitation
RHAB 5730 (3 hours) Medical Aspects of Disability
RHAB 5770 (3 hours) Rehabilitation Research & Program Evaluation