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Master of Science in Educational Psychology - Online Concentration in Research and Evaluation (R&E)

The master’s degree program in research and evaluation (R&E) prepares graduates to work with public or private organizations. For those employed by educational institutions (such as school districts, higher educational institutions, or non-profit organizations) as administrators, or desiring to become administrators either in K-12 as evaluators or in higher education as institutional researchers, the R&E master’s degree will help you understand how to design evaluations, collect data to determine the efficacy of programs or initiatives, properly measure outcomes to assess important features. For those working in the development of research programs and implementing grant proposals, the master’s degree in R&E will position you to evaluate and provide information to policy makers and other stakeholders so that they can make important decisions about funding, continuation of programs, changes that need to be made to improve educational efforts based on empirical data analysis and interpretation. Position yourself to be the go-to person in your educational organization in understanding why and how your educational programs are working, for whom they work, and if changes are required.

Benefits of this Program

  • Learn sound statistical principles and how they are applicable to educational evaluation and research.
  • Integrate both qualitative and quantitative methods for investigation, analysis, and interpretation of educational program outcomes.
  • Employ different types of evaluation designs that are appropriate for the program and institution being evaluated.
  • Prepare yourself for entry into a doctoral program that focuses on educational research that would permit you to become an advanced research methodologist, statistician, or measurement/psychometric specialist; opening up to you a wide variety of research positions that offer flexibility and the opportunity to follow your own interests and implement your own investigations for research.
  • Earn a Master's Degree in 15 months. Begin one summer and graduate the next summer!
  • Increase your options and competitive edge in the workforce when you complete the program.
  • Receive partial funding during your year of graduate study (upon eligibility).

Worried that your busy lifestyle will get in the way of making your career goals a reality?

Our online program is the solution.

  • Convenient. Earn a Master's Degree in less time. Most students complete their graduate degree in 15 months!
  • Affordable. A 3-hour course costs approximately $1,400. A one-time departmental award of $1,000 is available to qualifying students.
  • Flexible. Log in any time and from any place. Online courses allow you to set your own schedule.
  • Adaptable. Working full time as an educator? Take up to 4 accelerated courses in the summer months and 2 courses each fall and spring to graduate on time.
  • Respected. Alumni of UNT's Educational Psychology department have been at the forefront of educational programming in Texas and other states.

How does this program advance my career? This program is a perfect fit for:

  • In this program, you will learn the nature of research, evaluation and analysis, and gain an understanding of how to create, administer and assess individuals and programs. You will learn the nature of statistics both descriptive and inferential, as well as how to determine whether the results of a research initiative are significant or due to other factors. This program prepares you to work with public or private organizations, to assist in the development of research and other types of grant proposals, and to focus on the evaluation of proposals. You will be able to provide information to policyholders who make decisions about whether to commit funds to different efforts based on an empirical statistical analysis. This program may be completed fully online or with a combination of online and face to face courses per adviser's directions.

How does it work?

  • The 33-hour Master of Science in Educational Psychology - Online Concentration in Research and Evaluation (R&E) requires two departmental core courses (6 hours), three common courses in special education (9 hours), and a minimum of six courses (18 hours) within the concentration area).
  • Online course schedule rotates throughout Fall, Summer, and Spring with many courses offered each semester -- allowing you to easily fit the courses offered to your personal schedule.
  • If you begin your journey during one summer you will be able to graduate the next summer!

U.S. News and World Report ranked the College of Education 13th in the nation for Best Online Graduate Education Programs.


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