The Master of Science degree in Rehabilitation Counseling requires a minimum of 48 semester hours of academic preparation.  The curriculum combines academic theory and technique courses with hands-on practicum and field-site internship experiences.  A very high value is placed on the exposure of students to a broad spectrum of rehabilitation services, professional organizations, interdisciplinary professional activities, as well as advocacy and consumer groups in the field of rehabilitation.


The master's degree in rehabilitation counseling program includes:

  • a core curriculum of 36 credit hours
  • 3 credit hours of electives
  • 9 credit hours of practicum (3credit hours) and internship (6 credit hours)

The core curriculum for the Rehabilitation Counselor Education program consists of basic preparatory studies in disability, educational and occupational information, counseling and case management, and the vocational rehabilitation process.  Students who lack basic preparation in any of the core knowledge and skill areas may be required to complete prerequisite course work or complete individual studies prior to entry into advanced graduate courses.  The core curriculum is comprised of the following courses:

Core Courses (36 hours)

RHAB 5700 (3 hours) Introduction to Rehabilitation
RHAB 5710 (3 hours) Rehabilitation in a Multicultural Society
RHAB 5715 (3 hours) Disability Issues in Human Development
RHAB 5720 (3 hours) Rehabilitation Counseling Theories
RHAB 5721 (3 hours) Rehabilitation Counseling Application
RHAB 5723 (3 hours) Group Work and the Rehabilitation Process
RHAB 5730 (3 hours) Medical and Psychosocial Aspects of Disability
RHAB 5732 (3 hours) Principles of Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Recovery
RHAB 5740 (3 hours) Rehabilitation Assessment
RHAB 5741 (3 hours) Employment & Career Development
RHAB 5742 (3 hours) Case Management & Rehabilitation Services
RHAB 5770 (3 hours) Rehabilitation Research & Program Evaluation

Elective Course (3 hours)

Check with advisor regarding course

Practicum Courses (3 credits - 9 hours)

RHAB 5811 (3 hours) Practicum in Rehabilitation
Check with advisor regarding other courses

Internship Courses (6 credit hours)

RHAB 5812 (6 credits) Internship in Rehabilitation

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