MS Majoring in Information Science

Students enrolled in the MS-LS must complete the following required coursework:

Discovery Park

Required Courses (9 hours)

INFO 5000 (3 hours) Information and Knowledge Professions
INFO 5200 (3 hours) Information Organization
INFO 5600 (3 hours) Information Access and Knowledge Inquiry

Guided Electives (6 hours)
Completion of at least two of the following major prescribed courses with the guidance of their academic advisor:

INFO 5305 (3 hours) System Analysis and Design
INFO 5306 (3 hours) Project Management for Information Systems
INFO 5707 (3 hours) Data Modeling for Information Professionals
INFO 5814 (3 hours) Web Content Development and Maintenance
Computer Programming Course or Equivalent

Completion of at least four courses (12 hours) from the following program of study with the guidance of their academic advisor:

  • Digital Image Management
  • Health Informatics Specialist
  • Information Organization
  • Information Systems
  • General Program of Study

General Electives (9 hours)
Additional three elective courses selected from the catalog or transferred from other programs with the approval of their academic advisor.

School Library Certification students should see the respective program pages for specific requirements, as they are different than those of other students.

Further information concerning these requirements may be obtained through the department.