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Students earning a Master of Science degree in Hospitality Management view themselves as global employees who have the core competencies and a global perspective required for effective business interactions. As the industry demand for graduates of hospitality management programs increases, the need for quality education in the field continues to grow.

The MS in Hospitality Management offers:

We give you a solid academic education combined with extensive training in hospitality business skills, using the most up to date technology. Our curriculum provides:

  • A strong emphasis on managerial leadership.
  • A combination of theory-based and practical outlooks on core management competencies.
  • Unique, hands-on hospitality and management teaching laboratories.
  • Leadership and management skills honed through research, case studies, and group projects.
  • Excellent internships and job placement prospects in the region and beyond.
  • Opportunities to develop an understanding of economic, political, socio-cultural, technological, and sustainability dimensions of the global hospitality industry through study abroad and exchange programs.


Benefits of this Program

  • Demonstrate, apply, and assess knowledge of theoretical constructs pertaining to the hospitality industry.
  • Demonstrate the principles of critical thinking and decision-making when evaluating complex issues within the hospitality management arena.
  • Identify technical aspects of the hospitality industry.
  • Apply the processes involved in hospitality management research.
  • Demonstrate professionalism, communication, and leadership skills needed for (1) managerial positions in the hospitality industry, and/or (2) advancement toward a terminal degree.

Worried that your busy lifestyle will get in the way of making your career goals a reality?

Our online program is the solution.

  • Convenient. Online courses allow you to log in at any time from any place.
  • Affordable. Costs $1,421.45 per 3-hour course for Texas residents – an excellent value for a master's degree.
  • Flexible. Online courses are offered each semester, allowing you to access the course you need when you need it.
  • Adaptable. You may convert the GAC in Hospitality Management to the required courses for the MS in Hospitality Management.
  • Respected. The department prides itself on the percentage of graduates placed within the hospitality field.

How does this program advance my career? This program is a perfect fit for:

The Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management offers two distinct Masters of Science degrees. The Master of Science in Hospitality Management is offered as a blended resident/online program or as a 100% online option. The Master of Science in International Sustainable Tourism is a unique joint degree with CATIE (The Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center) located in Turrialba, Costa Rica. This program allows the student to spend the first half of the degree at UNT and the last half of the degree at CATIE.

How does it work?

  • The 36 credit-hour Master of Science degree in Hospitality Management offers an integrated program of study focusing on the management of products, services, and experiences in a consumer-driven global market. Courses are taught by knowledgeable and helpful faculty members who are actively involved in research involving hospitality operations, legal and regulatory aspects, marketing of hospitality services, sustainability, curriculum development, information technology, and global consumer issues impacting the hospitality industry.
  • Effective leaders are developed through core competencies including solving complex problems, generating new knowledge, communicating effectively, and creating new product and business strategies. Graduate coursework in areas such as research methods and applications, consumer theory, global tourism, restaurant development, and hotel operations prepare students for careers in lodging management, restaurant management, resort management, and tourism management. In addition to developing management specialists, the program provides education for academic careers in teaching hospitality management.


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