The University of North Texas' Department of Marketing and Logistics offers programs that are attuned to the business arena in the Dallas-Fort Worth region and across the nation. The MBA in Marketing provides you with the breadth of a traditional MBA coupled with the ability to specialize in Marketing. The curriculum is designed to provide you with an excellent conceptual foundation and managerial skills. You can choose a full-time or part-time program leading to the MBA.



NOTE: Background courses may be required if your undergraduate degree did not prepare you for current master level courses. Background courses are assessed on an as-needed basis after evaluation of undergraduate transcripts.

Background Courses (18 hours)

ACCT 5020 (3 hours) Accumulation and Analysis of Acct Data
BCIS 5090 (1.5 hours) Into. to Business Computer Info. Systems
BLAW 5050 (1.5 hours) Legal, Reg. and Ethical Env. of Business
DSCI 5010 (1.5 hours) Statistical Analysis
ECON 5000 (3 hours) Economic Concepts
FINA 5040 (1.5 hours) Into. to Finance and Financial Mathematics
MATH 1190 (3 hours) Business Calculus (or other calculus course)
MGMT 5070 (1.5 hours) Management Issues
MKTG 5000 (1,5 hours) Marketing Concepts

Core Courses (18 hours)

ACCT 5130 (3 hours) Accounting for Management
DSCI 5180 (3 hours) Into. to the Business Decision Process
FINA 5170 (3 hours) Financial Management
MKTG 5150 (3 hours) Marketing Management
MGMT 5140 (3 hours) Organizational Behavior and Analysis
BUSI 5190 (3 hours) Administrative Strategy (last semester)

Required Courses (6 hours)

MKTG 5250 (3 hours) Information for Strategic Marketing Decisions (Undergraduate marketing majors will take MKTG 5250 in place of MKTG 5150; an additional course will be chosen)
MKTG 5850 (3 hours) Effective Mktg Planning in Dynamic Environments (Must be taken in final semester)

Supporting Courses (9 hours)
Select three of the following courses:

MKTG 5200 (3 hours) Customer Behavior
MKTG 5550 (3 hours) Decision Marketing in Global Markets
LSCM 5300 (3 hours) Strategic Supply Chain Management
LSCM 5560 (3 hours) Strategic Logistics Management

Elective Course (3 hours)
One 3 hour 5xxx course selected in consultation with the departmental advisor, and must be outside of the marketing discipline.