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[Last updated: Friday, October 14, 2020, 4:45pm CDT]

Top 5 Tips for Putting your Exam Online
with Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor

Respondus Lockdown Browser presents your quiz/exam within a special browser application that prevents students from opening other browsers or applications while taking the quiz/exam. Respondus Monitor adds additional webcam options to ensure academic integrity.

Quick Tips:
  1. Both Lockdown Browser and Monitor require students to have permission to install applications on their computer.
  2. Neither product works on mobile phones or Chromebooks.
  3. To enable use of an iPad, you will need to use the Advanced Settings and select “Allow students to take this exam with an iPad.”
  4. Run a practice test, i.e.., 5 question quiz, requiring students to download, install and complete a quiz using Respondus Lockdown Browser (with or without Monitor) well in advance of any graded test.
  5. If the result of your practice exam indicate that your students will not be able to complete the exam with Respondus enabled, consider:
    1. Asking students to work with UNT’s Student Helpdesk to resolve the issue.
    2. Implementing other strategies such as randomized questions and time limits.
    3. Offering an Alternative Assessment.
For detailed information, visit Respondus Lockdown Browser information on CLEAR.unt.edu.