How to Apply

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Earning the Minor or Academic Certificate

You may take Nonprofit Studies courses to earn a minor, an academic certificate, or as electives. However, you must be enrolled as a student at UNT. If you are already a UNT student, you should consult with your academic advisor about how Nonprofit Studies works best with your major and career interests. Specific questions about Nonprofit Studies should be directed to Trey Anderson, the program advisor.

If you are not currently a student at UNT, the fastest and most efficient way to apply for admission to UNT is to complete the ApplyTexas application. Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Go to ApplyTexas
  2. Create a profile by entering your personal information.
  3. Select "Create a New Four-Year University Application" or update your existing ApplyTexas application. Select Continue to move to the next screen.
  4. Under "Target University," select University of North Texas (Denton).
  5. Under "Application Type," select either Freshman, U.S.; Transfer, U.S.; or Readmit, Undergraduate (if you are a returning UNT student.) Select Continue.
  6. Select a semester and select Continue.
  7. Under "Select School," click the "First Choice School" drop-box and choose the college at UNT that has your major and then select Continue. For example, select the College of Business if you are interested in Marketing as a major. Next, select a second College choice at UNT and then click Continue.
  8. Select your "First Choice Major." Remember, you cannot major in Nonprofit Studies. However, Nonprofit Studies courses are a great complement to several majors.
  9. Click Continue to my Application to get your application number and to save your input.

You may learn more about the requirements for becoming a UNT student at Undergraduate Admissions or Transfer Now.

Taking Continuing Education Courses in Volunteer Management

Continuing education courses in volunteer management and engagement are offered by UNT's Partnerships for Strong Communities. You do not have to be enrolled as a student at UNT to take continuing education courses. For more information on these courses, their cost, and how to register, contact Amma Cottrell or visit the website.