The Undergraduate Academic Certificate in Rehabilitation Studies requires satisfactory completion of 12 hours.



NOTE: Background courses are assessed on an as-needed basis after evaluation of undergraduate transcripts.

  • RHAB 3100 Disability & Society
    Explores the historical and current treatment of persons with disabilities. Examines the impact of social institutions, public policy and attitude on service marginalization and segregation of persons with disabilities.
  • RHAB 3200 Aspects of Disability I
    Discusses the stages of adjustment to disability, the impact of age of onset and its impact on family. This course is an introduction to consumer-based health perspectives with an overview of etiology, progression, and treatment of major disabling conditions related to cognition, emotion, addiction and other disorders related to the nervous system. The course includes the interplay of physical, psychosocial and vocational implications of these disorders.
  • RHAB 3900 Case Management in Rehabilitation
    Reviews models of case management and caseload management utilized in a broad range of rehabilitation settings. Application of the techniques and tools utilized for rehabilitation interviewing, assessment and individualized planning. Includes professionalism and ethical responsibilities of the rehabilitation case manager.
  • RHAB 4700 Employment Services
    Covers basic job development and job placement skills and activities. Includes job analysis, supported employment, transition services and labor market analysis.