How to Apply



If you have submitted a complete application and have not been contacted, please contact the Department's Main Office at 940-565-4458.

Admission requirements

Because most US colleges require their faculty to hold a Master's degree, our GAC will qualify you to teach college courses only if you also possess that degree. For that reason, GAC students must either possess a Master's degree or be concurrently enrolled in a Master's program in any field.

We do rolling admissions, so we admit students year-round.

Step 1: Apply to the Toulouse Graduate School

  1. Apply to the UNT Toulouse Graduate School
    1. International students should use the International Student application.
  2. Send them your official transcripts from all colleges you have attended.
  3. Pay the application fee.

Send the items above to:

Toulouse Graduate School
University of North Texas
1155 Union Circle #305459 (USPS)
1147 Union Circle, ESSC #354 (UPS/FedEx)
Denton, TX 76203-5017

Phone: (940) 565-2383

Step 2: Contact the Department of Technical Communication

  1. Contact the department’s graduate director at
    1. Let the graduate director know you submitted your transcripts.
    2. If you are currently enrolled in a Master’s program but did not submit those transcripts, let the graduate director know.
    3. We only require your transcripts. You do not have to submit a personal statement, GRE score, or anything else.
    4. It is possible to check if your transcripts have been received. The Toulouse Graduate School will send you an email and pin number to check online at You will need to activate your EUID with the pin number and click on Admissions Status.


Step 3: How will my application be processed?

  • As soon as the graduate director receives your transcripts from the graduate school, the department will make a decision on your application.
    • If you are admitted, you will be contacted by the graduate advisor with a proposed course schedule and an explanation of the course rotation.
    • All registration at UNT is done online by logging into myUNT, UNT's online portal. Through this portal, you can register for classes, view your schedule or tuition bill, and make fee payments. Also, check the Registration and Schedule of Classes located at the UNT Registrar.
    • You should verify that your computer hardware and software is up–to–date.