The GAC in Teaching Technical Writing is 100% Online. Students accepted to the program, complete four required graduate-level courses. Your graduate academic certificate will appear on your official university transcript from UNT.

Required Courses

All courses are taught in 8-week sessions.

TECM 5195 (3 hours) Editing Technical Documents

TECM 5200 (3 hours) Digital Content Strategies for Communication Professionals

TECM 5280 (3 hours) Designing Technical Documents

TECM 5550 (3 hours) Studies in the Teaching of Technical Communication

Certificate students who choose to continue in a graduate degree program are required to meet all the admission requirements, including GPA, GRE, and other prerequisites of students seeking a Master of Arts in Professional and Technical Communication. Satisfactory work (minimum of a B grade) on graduate courses may be applied to a 30-hour degree upon advisement of the graduate coordinator.