Students accepted into the GAC in Merchanding will complete 12 hours of specified graduate courses. All 12 hours must be completed through UNT and with CMHT and MDSE courses.
All courses listed are offered 100% online.


Required Courses:

CMHT 5440 (3 hours) Consumer Theory
MDSE 5500 (3 hours) Merchandising Strategies

Content Courses: Select 15-18 hours

MDSE 5240 (3 hours) Global Fashion Retailing
CMHT 5550 (3 hours) Promotional Strategies
CMHT 5600 (3 hours) Managing Customer Experiences
MDSE 5650 (3 hours) International Sourcing
CMHT 5700 (3 hours) Service Excellence
MDSE 5750 (3 hours) Digital Retailing
MDSE 5850 (3 hours) Brand Development

  • Students have a total of four years to complete the academic graduate certificate.
  • Certificate students who choose to continue in a graduate degree program are required to meet all the admission requirements, including GPA, GRE or GMAT, and prerequisites of students seeking a degree in CMHT. Satisfactory work (minimum of a B grade) on graduate courses may be applied to a 36-hour degree upon advisement of the graduate coordinator.
  • The CMHT Graduate Coordinator serves as the Major Advisor for students completing their degree plan.

**Specific admission requirements for the graduate certificate program can be found in the UNT Graduate Catalog.

Dr. Lisa Kennon
Associate Professor, CMHT Graduate Coordinator

1155 Union Circle #311100
Denton, TX 76203