School Library Certification varies from State to State but completion of the required sequence of courses listed below has been acceptable to meet the course requirements generally in all States.

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Certification Courses in Recommended Sequence Background Courses (27 hours)

INFO 5001 (3 hours) School Librarianship
INFO 5720 (3 hours) Instructional Materials Production and Use
(Pre or Co-requisite: INFO 5001 )
INFO 5208 (3 hours) Learning Resources Organization and Media
(Pre or Co-requisite: INFO 5001 )
INFO 5405 (3 hours) Advanced Information Resources Development
(Pre or Co-requisite: INFO 5001 )
INFO 5420 (3 hours) Literature for Youth
(Pre or Co-requisite: INFO 5001 )
INFO 5050 (3 hours) Trends and Practices in School Libraries
(Pre or Co-requisite: INFO 5208 )
INFO 5340 (3 hours) Learning Resource Centers and Services
(Pre or Co-requisite: INFO 5050 )
INFO 5090.999  (3 hours) Practicum (Pre or Co-requisite: INFO 5340 )
INFO 5345 (3 hours) Library Operation and Policy Development
(Pre or Co-requisite: INFO 5050 )

A grade of B or better in all courses is required for certification.