“The Google IT certificate was a perfect start for me with a non-computer science background to get started with a computer science career. It really allows me to get a grasp on the fundamentals of the world of technology. I joined the BAAS program because of its flexibility and online presence. It allowed me to be able to complete everything without having to be in one place, because I was planning on moving around and I wanted to complete my degree. I really enjoyed taking the Google IT courses alongside the management courses in the BAAS program because I want to eventually become a project manager for digital innovation projects.”
- Shannel, Germany

“I got my Google IT certification through the Coursera program and I just love the format. The platform is very simple, easy to use, and intuitive. I’ve had the freedom to work on my own schedule. The certificate has given me the tools to unlock a future in IT. And the BAAS helps you grow into your career by allowing you to design your degree with different concentrations. That was really helpful, especially for what I want to do. It allowed me to mix and match what I think would be the best degree for me."
- Amine, Washington, D.C.